Beer and Pizza at The President

On Thursday evening we were fortunate enough to be invited to The President Hotel in Bantry Bay for the launch of their new restaurant, The Base. Now, this blog is not intended for restaurant launches at large but when there is beer involved we’re always willing to make an exception. Add pizza on top of that and there’s really not more we could ask for after having had a quick, and very sweaty, trip up to the Blockhouse.

Lakeside Pizza The President

As far as media launches are concerned it was really pleasant. The restaurant does artisanal pizza and craft beer and they delivered superbly on both. The pizzas, of which we had much, are done as pizzas should be – thin base in a wood fired oven. They are very good, and we’re not just saying that because we were invited to eat pizza and drink craft beer for free. They are good, and, apparently you will be able to order it for delivery if you live that side of the mountain.

Whats important though, obviously, is the beer. And it’s not just that the beers there are good, but it’s that establishments like The President are more and more starting to have them as an offering. They are currently stocking Stellenbrau, Bings Bru, Atlantic Storm and Lakeside which really does wonders both for those who enjoy their beer, but also for the craft industry at large. So, 5-stars for The President for taking a step forward to support the industry.

Morne Uys Lakeside Beerworks

Our verdict. Pizza, good, beer, good. Should you try it? Yes, you should very much visit The Base for beer and pizza one evening.


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