Friday Beer: Drifter Ocean Aged Tripel

Given the vast number of craft beers now available in the liquor stores it can be somewhat overwhelming in what to choose. Inevitably, because of pricing, we end up picking up much of the same because we know what we are getting. So, we’re going to start a featured Friday Beer spot to introduce new beers and breweries worth trying out. First up, the VERY limited Drifter Ocean Aged Tripel from the Drifter Brewing Company based in Woodstock.

Now, this is not a beer you will find on bottle store shelves due to how limited it is. And, while that may be somewhat against what we are trying to achieve here, time is not on our side to get this beer out. As it stands the beer can be purchased through Quicket with prices slowly increasing as more people purchase them. So, it may be worth heading over there now, buying a bottle and coming back to read on. Link here. If not, read on, we have a chance to win a bottle further down.


So, the beer itself is a Belgian-Style Tripel and the first in a series of Ocean Aged Beer from Drifter. Being Ocean Aged is not just a marketing gimmic. Belgian Tripels are traditionally aged at colder temperatures over years, so what the guys at Drifter did was to include some extra yeast and sugar in the bottle for this secondary fermentation. They then left it on the seabed for an entire year allowing for a really long fermentation. The process was assisted by the darkness, temperature and motion of the sea bed. Check out the video below of the guys collecting it complete with starfish.

Now, because we are going into the Festive season the guys at Drifter have been kind enough to let us give one of these monumental beers away! To stand a chance at winning, Like Barley and Hops on Facebook, and tag two mates in this post. Let us know when over the Festive season the three of you would enjoy this beer and we will select a winner next Friday before the next featured beer goes up. Good luck!

Make sure you follow Drifter on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with what they have coming up.

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