Friday Beer: Karoo Craft Oryx Weiss

It’s Friday afternoon, it’s baking in Cape Town and you’re probably thinking about doing the weekly bottle store visit (or is that just us?). To help along this week we thought we would pick up a Karoo Craft Oryx Weiss. full disclosure, we’ve never tried this beer, or any of their beers before. Their packaging did however do a great job in enticing us.

Karoo Craft Oryx Weiss

The brewery, established in 2015 “with the vision of consistently brewing high quality beers for the South African market” operates out of Simonsvlei Winery out in Paarl. They are currently producing four beers under the Karoo Craft label, and we’ve only ever heard good things about them. Go looking and you will find:

  • Kudu Lager
  • Jackal India Pale Ale
  • Impala American Pale Ale
  • Oryx Weiss

What’s particularly interesting is that the brewery also operates as a a space for craft beer enthusiasts to not just buy beer but to also brew their own. They offer a very specific contract brewing option which is a great option for aspiring brewers to start making some reasonable quantities. We have not yet gone to visit them but from the looks of their website they have a very smart setup.

We know not everyone is a fan of wheat beers (weiss or wit), but we really do. And, ultimately, one brew from a brewery can say a lot. If it is a good weiss then the chances are that the other beers that they produce are good to (although this is not always the case).

The¬†Karoo Craft Oryx Weiss retails for about R39.95 which, granted is a fair bit, but it’s definitely worth trying if you haven’t had one before. Be sure to go find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up with what they have going on. And, again, if you find yourself out in Paarl go pay them a visit.

Until next week, cheers!

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