Friday Beer: Riot Valve IPA

Welcome to our final featured Friday Beer for the year – The Riot Valve IPA! Quite frankly even we are surprised we managed to get this blog post up (has been quite a treacherous Festive Season). Maybe give it a few days to try this one as you will need the aftertaste of Christmas Ham and Fruit Cake to subside.

Featured Beer Riot Valve IPA

The Riot Valve IPA has been a favourite of ours for a while. Previously operating out of Woodstock they are currently getting their business done out at Darling Breweries. Head Brewer Marc Fourie runs another business in the distribution of Hops and you can tell, he’s not shy. Between himself and Lazarus Ruraca they have been creating some really good beers.

Producing the Valve IPA and a Session Lager-Ale Hybrid as staples they also do specialty barrel aged beers over the course of the year. This year they brewed an Imperial Stout which was definitely a stand out beer for us. At 8.5% ABV you were only ever going to be having one. Keep an eye out for these barrel aged beers as they don’t tend to sit on shelves for long. For now, be sure to pick up a Valve IPA.

Riot Valve IPA

As they are brewing out at Darling there’s a good chance you will run into the guys if you drop in. Be sure to say hi as they both are lovely individuals who are passionate about the industry in South Africa. They will also be more than happy to tell you some of the finer details about how the brewery started.

You can pick up Riot at most liquor stores or about R30.99 depending on where you find it. Again, we would love to hear your thoughts on the beer. And if you’ve got any suggestions on a beer you think we should feature just leave a comment below.

You can find Riot on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Until next Friday, Cheers!

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