2nd Devil’s Peak Blockhouse Beer Ride Report

With some howling winds, 35 brave individuals met at The Gear Change to plot their attack on the Blockhouse. Not because they wanted to get their best times on Strava but because they had seen three cooler boxes topped to the brim with ice cold Devil’s Peak IPA and Lager. Just after 6pm when we could wait no longer for those stuck in traffic/too afraid of the wind, we kicked off the 2nd Devil’s Peak Blockhouse Beer Ride. Has to be said that seeing such a large group of riders heading through Mowbray in rush hour traffic is quite a sight.

We managed to coerce Devil’s Peak Head Brewer JC Steyn to join us. He promptly broke down three times before he made it onto the mountain. Fortunately Justin Tuck was on hand to help him out. Three times.

Outside of that there were two minor casualties. Couple of the standard bumps, bruises and scrapes that come with mountain biking. And, importantly, nothing that can’t be fixed with a couple of beers. The wind really was howling so we’re very glad that casualties were limited amongst this group of finely tuned athletes – probably because they were more determined to enjoy a couple of beers than spend an evening in the hospital. Even Shaun Dunbar made it away unscathed this time.

Back at The Gear Change the beers came out and the guys from Bang Bang Burrito were put to task. They performed out of their boots, within minutes everyone was shoveling the custom burritos down, no complaints were heard while they reached for another beer.

We gave some prizes away and have a couple more to issue, so, here it is! First up, best pic on the ride – Danie Du Toit who wins a Bontrager Flare R Rear Light.

Next up, best beer pic of the evening who gets a R500 voucher to the Gear Change, Digby Webb, well done!


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And finally, the Strava segment winner. We were very glad to have been there to see this throw down. He threw caution to the wind having apparently not had his mountain bike actually on a mountain in a about a year, and went for it. Murray Middleton takes home the final Bontrager Flare R Tail light. Well done and well deserved.

Murray Middleton

That’s it for now. If you would like to get yourself a Devil’s Peak cycling jersey you can head here and use the coupon code “Blockhouse” to get R100 off.

Thanks to Devil’s Peak, Bang Bang Burrito, Trek and the Team at the Gear Change for their help.

Next event will be on the 22nd of February so keep an eye on our Facebook Page for details.


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