Friday Beer: Folk & Goode Dutch Courage IPA

We seem to be on a trend of breweries that don’t really want people to know too much about them. Information online about the Folk & Goode Dutch Courage IPA is pretty slim. That is however what we are here for. So, without further ado, what do we know about this brewery and this beer?

Folk & Goode Dutch Courage IPA

The Brewery

After ten minutes on the Google we have managed to establish that the brewery is part of the Newton Johnson Family Vineyards based in Hemel en Aarde. The label very proudly states “Brewed by Gordon Newton Johnson”, and don’t let this put you off. Some of the top brewers in South Africa came from a wine making background – JC Steyn, Head Brewer of Devil’s Peak spent nine years making wine. The wine makers seem to know a thing or two about putting a good bottle of alcohol together.

The Beer

Poking around Untappd we see they produce four different beers. Obviously this Dutch Courage IPA, then an Enlightened Ale, and a Barrel Aged version of each. We’ve been looking at a fair few IPA’s recently so thought we would do one last one – next week a Lager maybe?

One of the things we really do like about the beer is that they put a Best Before on the bottle. This is not something you see frequently and for craft beer it is a nice thing to see. The reason for this is that, for the most part, craft beers don’t tend to have a fantastic shelf life (this is also why so many breweries struggle to get their beers into the likes of Pick n Pay or Checkers). So, bear that in mind when you are looking at beers, see if you can find an expiry.

Folk and Goode Hemel en Aarde

Unlike the other breweries we have featured up to this point we cannot offer any more info on any form of website or social channels. We scoured the interwebs and came up with nothing. So, you’ll have to take our word for it. Let Folk & Goode Dutch Courage IPA be the one you try this weekend. Retailing very much in the standard R30 price range you can find it in most good liquor stores.

And, if anyone knows anything more about this brewery please leave a comment below. Is there a beer you think we should feature? Leave a comment below or get hold of us on Facebook.

Until next week, cheers!

5 replies on “ Friday Beer: Folk & Goode Dutch Courage IPA ”
  1. Love this beer. Good fruit profile and great hop finish without being too much. It’s worth scratching around for this one.

  2. Was at the Hermanus Foode & Wine festival earlier today & was told by the person who was dispense g the beer that it was brewed in Mimosa Street Hermanus. Had aslo heard it was made at Newton Johnson??

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