Friday Beer: Shields Funk Machine IPA

Occasionally an unexpectedly really good beer crosses our path. They come from a brewery we are unfamiliar with and manage to knock it out the park. This was our first experience with the Shields Funk Machine IPA. Up to all matter of beer geekery at Beerhouse on Long someone suggested we try it. So we did. And we were glad we listened.

Shields Funk Machine IPA

We are unfortunately a little short on brand info but from what we can gather this is their bread and butter beer. They are currently not producing anything else but we really hope that changes. Having a quick read of the label shows that they are being brewed under commission at Valley Brewery based in Kommetjie. You can find them on Facebook but other than that we’re afraid we’re a little short on info there too.

We may be short on a lot of the info we like to try give but what we do know, and this is the crux of it. This is a beer you should absolutely pick up and try for yourself. If you can make a trip to Beer House on Long you will love yourself for trying it on tap. Fantastic beer!

We managed to pick up a bottle at Liquor City Claremont but we’re sure it will be at a few of the other better stocked bottle stores. And if you’re battling to find it we’re sure you could contact them via social and they will point you in the right direction. Retailing for about R29.99 pick it up and try it out, and again, if there’s another beer you think we should feature, leave a comment and let us know.

You can find Shields Indie Brewing Company’s website here as well as finding them on Facebook and Twitter.

Until next Friday, cheers!

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