Friday Beer: Urban Brewing Co Monkey’s Paw Pilsner

We initially got hold of the guys at Urban Brewing Co to Feature their Oktoberfest Lager, a beer that won best Lager at the 2017 Cape Town Festival of Beer. The bad news, unfortunately there is one lonely bottle left (we’re not joking). The Good news, they were in fact brewing this very beer when we visited so expect to find out more about this beer in April. For now, let us introduce you to this weeks Featured Beer, the Urban Brewing Co Monkey’s Paw Pilsner.

Urban Brewing Co

The Brewery

Unlike a lot of the breweries we have featured recently, info on the Urban Brewing Co is very easy to find. The Brewery and Tap Room is located in Hout Bay on the same stretch as the Hout Bay Harbour Market (location, location, location). It is a fantastic spot that frequently does live music and has been known to throw an annual Oktoberfest (we’re ashamed we have never made it). Look out for it towards the end of September. Co-Founder and Brewer Geoff Roeloffze is never far from the brewery and always willing to show visitors around and not shy to sit and enjoy a pint with his guests.

The Beer

They have a good range of beers that they brew year round and then obviously the Oktoberfest Beer which they brew seasonally (unless it wins Best Lager on show at the Festival of Beer). Brewmaster Jorg Finkeldey consults to the brewery. He was the man originally brewing Camelthorn Beer which has recently appeared back on the shelves (another one to try). He’s German, so he knows his way around a brewery, that’s what Germans do. Their full range of beers:

  • The Monkey’s Paw Pilsner
  • Judas Peak Blonde Ale
  • Dungeons Stout Ale
  • Talisman Weiss
  • SS Maori Dry Cider

The Urban Brewing Co¬†Monkey’s Paw Pilsner won silver at the Craft Brewers Powwow in 2017 so it’s absolutely a beer worth trying. The beers are pretty easy to spot on the shelves so give it a go and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And if you perhaps find yourself in the area of the Hout Bay Market make sure you drop into the brewery, you will be glad you did.

Until next week, cheers!

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