March 2018 Devil’s Peak Blockhouse Beer Ride Report

With a couple of riders arriving at The Gear Change already wet there were discussions around potentially doing a lap of Rondebosch Common and calling it a done day. Everyone thrilled to see the much needed rain in Cape Town they were less thrilled at the prospect of riding in it. It was only when Devil’s Peak Brewer JC announced that it would stop that it did… and it stayed that way the entire ride. In fact it turned out to be a very pleasant Devil’s Peak Blockhouse Beer Ride.

Devil's Peak Blockhouse Beer Ride Group

Numbers for the evening were short. The poor guys at The Gear Change were suffering some burn out having worked solidly at the Cape Epic. The Easter Weekend took it’s own victims with a lot of the usual suspects already headed up the West Coast. There were the inevitable few who took one look at the weather and decided red wine on the couch would be a better option. And then there were those who said “bugger the ride but hand me that burrito!” These gents didn’t end up riding but we were stoked to have them join us for burritos and beers anyway.

The ride itself. Beautiful. It’s very hard to beat a crisp evening on the mountain. There was some cloud but without a breath of wind it made for an excellent outing. With it getting darker earlier you really need a bike light to make the most of it. A bike light that neither JC or Luc from Devil’s Peak had. The Cape Epic Single Track down from the Blockhouse is a challenging piece of riding. Try it in the dark. Without a light. There was a degree of panicked braking and even a little bit of “#$%&!!!” and a bit more of “%$#@!!!” but somehow everyone got down unscathed.

Thanks to The Gear Change for hosting us, Devil’s Peak for the beer and Bang Bang Burrito for doing what they do best! The next ride will be taking place in May so please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook for updates. Wanting your own Devil’s Peak jersey head over here.

Until the next ride, cheers!


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