Friday Beer: Drifter Brewing Co Water Restriction Gose

We featured the Drifter Brewing Co back in December when they released their Ocean Aged Tripel. This week we thought we would put a focus on a new and limited beer that they have been brewing, the Drifter Brewing Co Water Restriction Gose. A beer that consists of 8% authentic Atlantic sea water.

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It’s no secret that the Western Cape is going through a horrendous drought. With water restrictions at Level 6b things are pretty tight with residents being asked to use no more than 50l of water per day. The Western Cape Drought has had all businesses working overtime to cut down on their water use in any way they can. And this is something that the team at Drifter have excelled at. Since 2016 the little brewery in Woodstock has reduced their water usage by 46%. And the Water Restriction Gose is their way of celebrating this.

The Brewery

Opening at the start of 2015 Drifter is based in the heart of Woodstock on Victoria Road. Lead by Head Scallywag Nic Bush, brewers Langa Ntloko and Jakes Sandenbergh pump out some great, and sometimes unusual, beers. At the back you will find Anna Anderson and Zan Zurawski, who focus on marketing, distribution, and keeping Nic in check. You will also find the whole team behind the bar of their Taproom every Friday when they open to the public. If you get the opportunity to drop in we highly recommend it. The team are amazing and beyond hospitable.

The Beer

Nic is always out trying to do something different. When we dropped into the brewery he was very excited to show us his imported Kentucky casks. They will be using them to ferment an Eisbock that they are currently brewing. He will be throwing in 10 cayenne peppers at the end for good measure (why not?). This will just be another great one off to go with their Ocean Aged Tripel. Their standard beer line up:

  • Cape Town Blonde
  • Stranded Coconut Session Ale
  • Legend Lager
  • Scallywag IPA
  • Stormy Smoked Porter

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They have done a variety of once off beers. We’re not going to go through them all but you can find them here. When they do bring outa limited beer, such as the Gose, we suggest you jump at it. They are not around for long and they tend to be very tasty brews. So, head out and give the┬áDrifter Brewing Co Water Restriction Gose a go this weekend and let us know your thoughts. And remember you could stand to win a case of beer and whole lot of beer swag for sharing your pics with us. Details here.

You can find Drifter on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Their Taproom is open every Friday from 17h00 to 21h00.


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