Friday Beer: Metal Lane Pale Ale

Metal Lane Brewery is one of the newest kids on the block having only started brewing in 2017. In that very short period of time they’ve made short work of winning a handful of awards and establishing themselves within the craft beer industry. Lead by brewer Murray Middleton (great name!), they are out to make a name for themselves and make sure they are putting out only the best possible beers that they can. His Metal Lane Pale Ale is our Featured Beer to try this week!

Metal Lane Pale Ale

The Brewery

Based just off Kloof Street in Cape Town you will find Murray below road level in what we like to call his dungeon. With cellphone signal lacking his only company is his brewing equipment which is probably why his beer is so damn good. We can say this without fear of criticism given Metal Lane came tied first place for Best New Brewery in 2017 in the Brewmistress Awards. At the moment the brewery is not open to the public and there is no taproom. However, Murray did hint at soon expanding and who knows, Taproom?

The Beer

He has a great philosophy when it comes to brewing beer. Do one thing, do it well and then, only then, can you move on. It’s a philosophy that has worked for him. He produces only the Pale Ale for retail and it’s a recipe that won silver in the South African National Beer Trophy in 2017. And if that wasn’t enough he also picked up Silver at the Cape Town Festival of Beer. Saying that, his other brews have also left a lasting impression with his IPA winning at the Craft Brewers Powwow also in 2017. In his dungeon off Kloof Murray has brewed no shortage of varieties:

  • SMASH (Single Malt And Single Hop) with Simcoe
  • Zythos IPA
  • American Brown
  • Whiskey Barrel Aged Porter with Coffee Beans and Vanilla Pods
  • Belgian Strong
  • Belgium Bruin

Whenever you catch Metal Lane at Festivals, markets or happen across his dungeon in town be sure to try everything! In the mean time get to your local bottle-store and try out his Pale Ale. And, if the bottle-store doesn’t have it, ask them why?

You can find Metal Lane on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Keep an eye out on the April beer and swag giveaway, there will be some of Murray’s best in there.

Remember to please let us know if there is a beer you think should feature in our Friday Beer series and we can contact the brewery to make it happen. And, we are giving beer and swag away each month, you can find details of those here. All you need to do is share your #newbrews with us on Instagram and Twitter.


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