Friday Beer: Table Mountain Breweries Tafelberger Witbier

Hello and welcome back for what is our first Featured Beer of March! This month we thought we would have a look at some of South Africa’s wheat beers. They are not for everyone but we really do like our wheat beers – weissbier, witbier, hefeweizen, etc. We could go on but we think you get the picture. This week, the second wheat beer we’ve featured here (here’s the first), theĀ Table Mountain Breweries Tafelberger Witbier!

Table Mountain Breweries Tafelberger Witbier

The Brewery

You probably won’t be surprised to find out that the brewery is based in Cape Town. Working out of Montague Gardens they are a “very young brewery” which is all the more reason to support them. Truth be told we haven’t seen them at markets but we also know full well how hard it is to get into those. Their social media accounts have all been remarkably quiet for quite some time so we do hope that they are still brewing.

The Beer

This is our first tasting of any of the Table Mountain Breweries beers and they have all the right details going on from their website description. Being a small brewery we can appreciate them only producing a limited range – fewer beers means that they can spend more time getting those beers 100%. This little brewery is just producing two:

  • Tafelberger Witbier
  • Tafelberger Swartbier

You can find Table Mountain Breweries on Facebook and Twitter. Go check them out and let them know what you think of this beer.

This month we are going to look at wheat beers. If there are any wheat beers you really enjoy, that you think othersĀ  would enjoy please let us know. In the mean time, go out and pick up a Table Mountain Breweries Tafelberger Witbier and let us know your thoughts.

Until next week, Cheers!

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