Friday Beer: Aegir Project Giant IPA

Every so often a new brewery crops up out of nowhere and they just seem to have all the right recipes going for them. You then have a chance to meet the brewer who turns out to be one of the most humble and modest out there. This was our first impression of the Aegir Project when we first met them at the Festival of Beer in 2015. Founded and run by Brewer Rory Lancellas this little brewery had grown from strength-to-strength since starting in 2014.

Aegir Project Giant IPA

The Brewery

Named after “The Norse God of Brewing & an all-powerful Sea Giant who controls the oceans. Loved by the Gods, feared by the sailors”,¬† you will find the Aegir Project in Noordhoek. The small brewery is beautifully maintained (note cleaning going on in the background above) – something Rory is very proud of. He’s a bit of a control freak but that’s probably why his beers have become so popular. So popular in fact that they are at the moment working on opening up another Tap Room at Constantia Uitsig. A welcome addition to the Southern Suburbs brewery offerings.

The Beer

We’ve already said the beers are popular. Their motto “Real Beer. Made Properly”, and you can tell. everything from the beautifully designed labels to the beers themselves, you can see a lot of time has gone into them. Rory and his assistant brewer Shaggy are currently producing five beers year round.

  • Extra Pale Uil
  • California Steamin’
  • Red Rye
  • Midnight Porter
  • Giant IPA

In their little brewery in Noordhoek the Aegir Project also produces a few seasonal brews including the Crush IPA and Hopricot (we’re a big fan). They don’t stop there and have been known to get their hands dirty doing collaboration beers. One very recently with Mad Giant, but more on that next week.

So, we would like to put forward the Aegir Project Giant IPA as our Featured Beer of the week. And, we can’t recommend strongly enough that you try it out this weekend. Again, let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook Page.

You can find the Aegir Project on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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