Friday Beer: Mad Giant Aegir Project Crypto Collab

Remember the Aegir Project, we featured Rory and his Giant IPA last week. And surely Mad Giant rings a bell too? They were one of our first Friday Beers back in December. Well, we know full well by now that both of these breweries have worked to create waves within the industry over the last couple of years. So, when they announced they had done a collaboration brew we frantically got hold of Rory to find out if he had any we could feature. And he did. He’s a good bean in his little village. So, here you have it, the Mad Giant Aegir Project Crypto Collab Double IPA.

Mad Giant Aegir Project Crypto Collab

We usually run you through the respective brewery and the beers at this point. However we have featured both and we’re not in the habit of repeating ourselves. We decided to drop a mail to Rory with a few questions on the collab and this is what he came back with.

How did the Aegir Project and Mad Giant decide to do a collab together? We’re good friends. Eben (Head Brewer) was down this side of the world at our tap room and as brewers do we discussed brewing techniques and styles. Was a no brainer to take it one step further and actually brew together!

Why did you decide to do a Double IPA? Mad giant are known for great IPAs and as you well know we’re not shy of throwing some hops around at Aegir. Again, no brainer!

And the name “Crypto Collab”? What spurred that on? Well it stems from some deep conversations about how machines could take over the future and how one of the few things it couldn’t do is bring the human element of art…and developing recipes. As systematic as they can be there needs to be a huge amount of intuition, experience and passion involved. Crypto currency and block chains have become synonymous with the way of the future. We just loved the way it sounded to be honest.

How much was brewed? 2,000L brew length.

Where is it available? Currently the two breweries and some very selected outlets, although I think most have sold out already! Get some quick!

Is this a one off or can we expect more? This is a one off, sorry should have grabbed it when it was around.

Any other collaborations on the cards at the moment? Absolutely, collaborations are the best way to share information and learn from each other. We have scheduled a good few for the rest of the year and are super excited see how they turn out!

There you have it, get to your chosen craft store and get the Mad Giant Aegir Project Crypto Collab now! If you’re lucky there may still be a few bottles floating around. If not, pick up any of the other Aegir Project or Mad Giant beers to try over the weekend.

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