Friday Beer: Drifter Brewing Richmond Hill Pineapple-Infused Session IPA

We’re back! And we’re back with another beer from the scallywags at Drifter Brewing Co (see their other Friday Beers here). They spent some time in Port Elizabeth with their mates over at Richmond Hill Brewing Co brewing up a storm. Their efforts resulted in this weeks Friday Beer, the Drifter Brewing Richmond Hill Pineapple-Infused Session IPA. A mouth-full, sure, but it is delicious.

Drifter Brewing Richmond Hill Pineapple-Infused Session IPA
Only half the pineapple made it to this post 😳

We haven’t been fortunate enough (yet) to make it to the Richmond Brewing Co in Port Elizabeth but there is a great write up on the brewery on The Real Beer Revolution. Head over there, read up and then head back here.

Done? Good. Onwards!

We dropped Nic from Drifter a mail with some questions on the collab. And, over a couple of beers with Niall Cook Head Brewer at Richmond Hill this is what they came back with.

So, tell us about the collab? What spurred it on?

“Take up the rope! – I’m going to fall” Niall called out to Nick from 28m above the earth hanging from a sheer cliff in the Silvermine National park – this is where the idea began for a collaboration beer between these two breweries. Niall was visiting Nick in Cape Town to do some brewing and rock climbing, during a death-defying moment on the rock face the idea struck that a collaboration brew needed to be done… add a bit more bullshit and there you go. But seriously we did go climbing and come up with the idea up there 🙂

And how did Drifter and RHBC decide to do it together?

The “Tropic Of Collab” was the first beer to be canned on the new canning line at RHBC – we decided that a very special beer should be the first to break its virginity and this was the creation… stay tuned for many more!

And to do an IPA with pineapples?

After both having drunk some incredible IPA’s in cans from the US – we both agreed that the hop explosion associated with IPA’s when you open a can is where you want to be…  but we needed something more! We wanted the pineapple to add a higher degree of complexity and take the beer to the next level.

Where was it brewed?

Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth.

Where can we buy it?

See list below. Limited supply (will be stocked from the 16th May)

And, just because we like the can, who designed it?

Niall and their design team at Richmond Hill Brewing Co.

So, while there is stock make your way to any of the below stockists to get your fix of this weeks Friday Beer.


  • Drifter Brewing Co.
  • Bar Keeper Liquor Store
  • Liquor City Claremont
  • Tops Welgedacht
  • Tops Rosemead
  • Roeland Liquors
  • Woodstock Liquors
  • Biggest Little Beer Shop
  • Liquor City Tableview


  • RHBC
  • Prestons
  • Beeryard
  • Beershack
  • Tilting Heads
  • Meat on Stanley
  • Cape St. Francis Resort


  • Tops Radiokop
  • Berry and Bottles, Bryanpark


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