Friday Beer: Afro Caribbean Brewing Company Hop Session Pale Ale.

Now, before you click away, you should know we have some beer to give away. Read on to find out how to win a 4-pack of the small batch brew Afro Caribbean Brewing Company Hop Session Pale Ale.

Afro Caribbean Brewing Company Hop Session Pale Ale.

The Brewery

Owned and operated by Greg Casey Afro Caribbean lives on the floor above Banana Jam cafe in Kenilworth. On any occasion you will find a handful of Cape Town brewers and beer geeks loitering around. Most notably it’s unlikely to not run into Shawn (Dissident Brewing Co) or Cameron (Atlantic Storm), both of whom we still need to Feature here. It’s an incredibly social place. Probably has something to do with the extensive range and quantity of beer available. One of our favourite aspects of Afro Caribbean Brewing Co, there is always a new brew to try.

The Beer

It’s no secret that Greg is a bit of a mad hatter. He’s willing to give anything a crack and he’s made some really interesting beers as a result. The “Green Stuff” he brewed for the Festive420 probably the best example of this.

A recent highlight of Afro Caribbean is the canning machine that Greg has been hard at work with. What this means is that you can now buy the beers from the brewery to take home. And you should! He’s also happy to fill growlers which are excellent for a braai with the mates. Be warned, if you are the one to arrive with a growler, your beer will go first. Not so bad when it costs R100 to fill a 2l growler with any of the Afro Caribbean brews (we’re up for correction here).

Alongside the many one-offs Greg brews no small number of variants:

  • Coconut IPA
  • Hop Session
  • Island Blonde
  • Pirate Porter

For this week we strongly suggest getting over to Banana Jam and picking up the Afro Caribbean Hop Session. We’re pretty sure there are still cans floating around, but if not pick up a growler and get your fix. It’s good!

And, because Greg is very generous and hates to see people go without a beer he’s given us a 4-pack to give away. To enter, leave a comment letting us know why you can’t get to Banana Jam to pick the beer up yourself. The most convincing, and entertaining, will get themselves a 4-pack of Hop Session! Winner selected on Monday.

You can find Afro Caribbean on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

7 replies on “ Friday Beer: Afro Caribbean Brewing Company Hop Session Pale Ale. ”
  1. Well…. as much as I’d love to go to Banana Jam cafe to go pick up a few of these beauties for myself, the 1500km from my house to Banana Jam cafe is a bit of a hindrance! I know I can fly to Cape Town, hop in an Uber and go there, but the severe lack of funds I’m currently experiencing is stopping me from achieving this delicious goal! Please help a man out!

  2. I can’t personally come to Banana Jam to collect the beer myself because I am stuck in prison, just kidding, I work in prison

  3. I can’t come to Banana Jam to collect the beer because I have a hangover Please hold my beer and car keys

  4. I can’t go to Banana Jam to collect the beer because I am currently travelling through time and will only be able to be there last week, which is too early.

  5. Single parenting is such a challenging job. I can’t live my kitties alone. Worse the cat next door is not paying kitten-support

  6. I can’t go to Banana Jam because I got the fire lit and meat on the braai and if I leave it will burn .. pls pls drop my beer as I can’t do a braai without beer ..

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