Friday Beer: Woodstock Brewery Mr Brownstone

Welcome to the Friday Beer! Exciting for two reasons: 1. It’s Friday. and 2. Well, beer. So, with that we give you the seasonal Woodstock Brewery Mr Brownstone. They are done brewing this one for the year so you will need to act fast to get your hands on this fantastic Autumn brewed beer.

Woodstock Brewery Mr Brownstone

The Brewery

There’s no great surprise as to where this brewery is based. Located on Albert Road in Woodstock brewers Murray Stephenson and Dylan Franz are put to task to create no small variety of beers. The Taproom is open Tuesday to Saturday and we 100% encourage you to head through one afternoon/evening to see it for yourself.

Interesting fact. The brewery was purchased by Founder and Owner Andre Viljoen having never actually seen the building. He looked at it via Google Street View while sitting in Korea. You can find out more about the breweries story here. Here’s what the building used to look like.

Woodstock Brewery Before and After

The Beer

Having been around since 2010 there is no shortage of beer coming from Murray and the team at Woodstock. With several staple beers, a few seasonal and even a couple of specialty beers you’re spoilt for choice.

  • Happy Pils Pilsner
  • Hazy Daze Belgium Wit
  • Californicator IPA
  • Pot Belge Amber Ale
  • Rhythm Stick English Pale Ale
  • Afternoon Delight Golden Ale (Seasonal)
  • Mr Brownstone Brown Ale (Seasonal)
  • Lady of the Night Vanilla Porter (Seasonal)
  • Acid Queen Sour (Seasonal)
  • Sugarman Belgian Quad-Style Ale (Specialty)

In the future we will no doubt Feature other beers from Woodstock. We’re excited excited about that. For now, get yourselves to your local bottle-store and pick up a couple of Woodstock Brewing Mr Brownstone Brown Ales. And, if you can’t find it get hold of the brewery who may just have a few bottles floating around.

You can find Woodstock Brewery on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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