Friday Beer: Camelthorn Brewing Urbock

Winter has arrived, it’s become bloody cold. You spend the evenings huddled around the heater, spooning a 15 year old hot water bottle or wrapped up in so many blankets it will take you 20 minutes to get out. And with all of this comes a change in brew tastes. Winter is for the dark and heavy brews. It’s no time for Lagers. It’s times for Porters, Stouts, anything brewed in a barrel and, well, this. This being the newly released seasonal Camelthorn Brewing Urbock!

Camelthorn Brewing Urbock

We were pretty stoked to come home to a little goody bag from the brewery a couple of days ago. Complete with a Camelthorn Brewing glass and some winter chocs, it was a nice drop to get. Previously the Urbock was a stand alone in the Namibian Breweries stable but has now found a home under the Camelthorn brand. And, alongside the Weiss and Helles, fits in nicely.

We had a sneak peak of the beer last week and we really enjoyed it. It’s a rich malty beer, full of body with a very subtle kick that will give you that winter warmth you’re looking for. The label states:

A traditional bock beer, brewed with the finest Munich Malt. It has a distinctive deep red glow and malty flavours, making Camelthorn Urbock perfect for a chilly evening.

To us, the beer is bang on! The Camelthorn Brewing Urbock is seasonal so get your hands on it while it’s around. You can find Camelthorn on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



* This post is sponsored by the Camelthorn Brewing Co. The beer is good otherwise we wouldn’t write about it.

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