Friday Beer: Devil’s Peak Mikkeller Capenhagen

This weeks Friday Beer is a bit of a last minute entry but we think its absolutely deserving of the feature. The Devil’s Peak Mikkeller Capenhagen was released in 2017 and, as far as we remember, was initially only meant to be a limited release. It wasn’t. And we’re glad.

Devil's Peak Mikkeller Capenhagen

Mikkeller is a Denmark based brewery that is known for knocking out cracking beers. Put them together with JC Steyn, Head Brewer at Devil’s Peak, only good things can happen. They released the brew at the Cape Town Festival of Beer along with another brew, the Peter, Pale and Mary Pale Ale. And they were tremendously successful.

The Devil’s Peak Mikkeller Capenhagen is a New England style IPA brewed with South African Hops (NEIPA). We bought it out at a dinner and passed around tasters. The overwhelming response, fruit punch, that’s the aroma and taste you will be hit . It’s very good.

Now for the absolute kicker. Devil’s Peak has dropped the price of their beers recently. Amongst the price drops were the Mikkeller beers. Was a treat finding a 4-pack of the Devil’s Peak Mikkeller Capenhagen for less than a 4-pack of the Cape Brewing Co’s Amber Weiss. A deal that is very hard to pass up 

Do yourself the favour this weekend and give the Devil’s Peak Mikkeller Capenhagen a crack. Let us know what you think, we’ve not heard any complaints to date. 

You can obviously find Devil’s Peak on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Mikkeller also has a South African Facebook and Instagram account. Let them know what you think of their efforts.


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