Friday Beer: Franschhoek Beer Co Orange Pale Ale

It’s been a pretty chilly week around South Africa. Apparently even Durban temperatures dropped to a frosty 24C with complaints that they have experienced their first winter. We’re not convinced. With temperatures up for the weekend we thought the Franschhoek Beer Co Orange Pale Ale might hit the tune we’re looking for.

Franschhoek Beer Co Orange Pale Ale

We’re not going to get into the specifics around where they are based, it’s somewhat self explanatory. It was started by three chaps who decided they needed some decent beer in their lives. One of those chaps is Reuben Riffel, a man known for being quite particular about flavours. And his influence is apparent. Since they opened their doors in 2015 they have picked up a string of awards for their beers.

The man behind the brewing curtain is Olaf Morgenroth. He’s a German, and what do we know about Germans? They brew cracking beer. We know it’s a vast generalization but all the best Germans we know are highly skilled at this. They have all been quiet of recent, they may be licking their wounds from their short lived World Cup outing. Too soon?

Moving on. The Franschhoek Beer Co produces several beers: 

  • Three Oaks Craft Lager 
  • La Saison Belgian Style 
  • Liberty American Pale Ale 
  • Orange Pale Ale 
  • The Stout 

As we said before the fruity Orange Pale Ale seemed to be the right way to go this weekend. So, pick it up and let us know your thoughts on this weeks Friday Beer. 

Be sure to find the Franschhoek Beer Co on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And if you find yourself out in the area pay Olaff a visit.


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