Friday Beer – Saggy Stone Brewer’s Small Batch Stout

Another week disappears in the blink of an eye. Achieved much? We think we have! We got two new products onto the web-store (Drifter Beanie and Little Wolf T-Shirt), crossed over 1,000 fans on Facebook, and were privileged enough to get a beer drop from the Saggy Stone Brewing Co! So, as thanks, here you have this weeks Friday Beer and the one to try, the Saggy Stone Brewer’s Small Batch Stout!

Dubbed the “Brewer’s Small Batch” series this Stout is the first of an exploratory series of brews. It’s a passion project from Saggy Stone Brewer Matt Bradley and small batch is right. There were only 500 cans produced so it’s not going to be around for very long. The moment they release stockists this will be a good one to pick up. 

As far as beer drops go this was a great one. On top of the beer they threw in a bit of sweet (Choc Biscuit Fudge) and savoury (biltong), and asked which one would be the perfect combo. For us, savoury. The tasting notes on the can:

A bold, dark stout with an enticing aroma of sweet coffee, chocolate and roasted malt which compliments the rich flavour. With a slick, full bodied mouthfeel, the beer finishes dry, leaving you with a lingering, subtle coconut aftertaste.

A pretty bang on description for the most part. Our one criticism would have been we didn’t find the coconut in there. Don’t let that put you off in the slightest, it is still a great brew. And, this shouldn’t influence the beer ultimately but that is a great looking can. They have put a lot of effort into this and we can’t wait to see what else Matt has in the pipeline. 

So, be sure to follow Saggy Stone on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We’re sure they will put an update out with stockists, and when they do, get your Saggy Stone Brewer’s Small Batch Stout. Give it a go and let both them and us know what you think. 


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