New Podcast: The Mash Tun with Murray Slater

Murray Slater The Beer Whisperer

The beer industry is an interesting place to be at the moment with numerous new individuals cropping up with some sort of new offering. We’re not talking specifically about the beer, we’re talking about the format they use to get their thoughts out there. It’s a great thing to see, it helps the industry and educates the consumer. Few people on the scene have quite as much klout as Murray Slater – “a foot soldier in the Beer Revolution”.

Recently Murray started his own podcast and we decided to get hold of him and find out a little bit more about it. This was what he had to say. 

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What spurred on the idea of the Mash Tun? Listening to Good Beer Hunting Podcast and being on #Beertime’s show. I studied journalism, I love storytelling and have always been interested in the human story behind peoples passions and craft. Podcasting is a really great medium that is becoming increasingly popular in our convenience and commuting world.   I want to give a platform to brewers in Gauteng whose stories were not being told.

What’s it all about? It’s about Beer connecting people. The human story behind the beers, brewery and brands. What makes them tick? What ingredients make a tasty brew and successful brand?
Our industry is full of great personalities with a passion for beer. I wanted to give them a platform to share their craft and ideas for the benefit of the wider industry.

Who are you going to be speaking to? Anyone who loves beer and has a story to tell. I am working under the #Beertime brand and will look to compliment it’s content with stories from Joburg beer lovers and brewers.

The name, Mash Tun, why?  Mashing in the Mash Tun is the part of the brewing process which combines raw ingredients (Water and grain) to great a base wort for a tasty brew. I mash in with stories from beer lovers and brewers and expound on what human traits are needed for a successful beer and brand.

How frequently can we expect a new episode? Once a month at least

Who should tune in? Anyone that is on the great beer journey.

So, if you’re on the “great beer journey” or just curious to find out a bit more be sure to give it a listen. There is currently one episode up.

Subscribe to The Mashtun here.

You can also get Murray directly on Twitter and let him know your thoughts.


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