Friday Beer – Cape Brewing Co Oktoberfest

A couple of weeks ago during Beerhouse on Long’s 5th Birthday they hosted a talk on “The State of the Beer”. The panel consisted of Nick Reid (Soul Barrel Brewing Co), Steve Miller (Garagista, FYI, they’re for sale), Lucy Corne (The Brewmistress) and Brewmaster Wolfgang Koedel (Cape Brewing Co). An interesting discussion topped off with Wolfgang kind enough to bring a few bottles of their seasonal Oktoberfest Lager fresh from the tank. That’s all we needed to make the Cape Brewing Co Oktoberfest Lager this weeks Friday Beer.

Wolfgang has a number of awards under his belt, far too many to list here, and there is a good reason for these awards. He’s a damn fine brewer, one deserving of the title Masterbrewer. So when the Cape Brewing Co comes out with a new brew it’s worth paying attention. This, the Cape Brewing Co Oktoberfest Lager is not new but it is seasonal. Brewed ahead of the Munich Oktoberfest that kicks off next month in Munich. 

Cape Brewing Co Oktoberfest
Apologies, we were short on the traditional bavarian Schweinebraten. 

Light toasted malt aroma of special German malts like Vienna and Munich malt with a moderate hop bitterness from German Hops, together it results in a masterpiece of Bavarian brewing tradition.

Wolfgang Koedel, Cape Brewing Co Brewmaster 

This time round there is more to it with this brew. For the last couple of years the Spice Route (where the brewery is located), has put on it’s own Oktoberfest, this year however they have partnered with the Tops at Spar Bierfest. They’ve pulled in Wolfgang to “ze bier back in bierfest” and this Oktoberfest Lager is going to be a big part of that. 

So, give the Cape Brewing Co Oktoberfest a go and while you’re at it book your tickets to the Tops at Spar Bierfest. 

Tickets to the Tops at Spar Bierfest: Buy now

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