Friday Beer – Devil’s Peak x Ukhamba Black Honey Vol. 1

Welcome to this weeks Friday Beer. The beer to get out and try this weekend, and this weeks beer is a big one. The Devil’s Peak x Ukhamba Black Honey Vol. 1 is coming in at a stiff 11.5% ABV so brace yourself, this is the winter warmer to finish things off.  

Devil's Peak x Ukhamba Black Honey Vol. 1

Launched on Thursday the brewers responsible, JC Steyn (Devil’s Peak) and Lethu Tshabangu (Ukhamba Beerworx), were let out to play. We dropped in to see Lethu and find out how it went. 

I’ve been wanting to brew with JC for a while, and one day after chatting over a call he proposed we do a collab – he had a coffee stout in mind. I love big beers so we some threw ideas around on how we could build flavours that will help marry the coffee and the malty beer seamlessly.

Brewing with a more experienced brewer will always be great, and I learnt a lot. JC is very strong on the scientific side of brewing. I love to learn, they say it keeps you young. I taught him a couple of things too. How to keep facial hair, how a beard quadruples handsomeness and has been proven to make beer taste better. I bought him a bottle of amla oil so expect him to grow an afro soon. I also taught him how to sing the click song, he has a good voice.

Perfect moment to enjoy the Black Honey for me is while chatting with your best friend on skype. Describing to him how great the beer is – the aroma, the flavour, the story!! And yes, it should be via Skype because I wouldn’t want to share it bru!!!

We love Lethu, he’s quite the character and a great guy to share a beer with. He has since done a second brew with JC, a Sorghum Sour Saison which we got to taste when we dropped in. If you are in the area of The Palms in Woodstock you should absolutely drop in for a pint, best be soon as they will be moving out of the space. 

With only 3,000l produced you will again need to make haste to pick up a couple of cans. Please let us, and them, know what you think of this absolute beast of a beer in the comments and on our social platforms. 

And JC, good luck with that amla oil. 

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  1. Hi guys. It’s a properly big beer. A bit scary if you are planning much else that evening. Huge booze on the nose but lots of lovely coffee and honey too. It not a beer that hides it’s alcohol though. You know it’s there. It’s waiting 😉

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