Friday Beer: Drifter Off The Dock Doppelbock

It’s really no surprise that we are fans of the Drifter Brewing Co crew. They are a tremendously fun bunch to spend time with, but more than that, they’ve always got some interesting new brew up their sleeves. This, the Drifter Off The Dock Doppelbock is actually the fourth Friday Beer we’ve featured from them (you can find the others here). 

Drifter Off The Dock Doppelbock

We’ve featured a string of “Winter Warmer” beers recently. Beers that have a high ABV and a solid mouthfeel, and the Off the Dock Doppelbock is no exception to this. They are 330ml bottles of 10% ABV and they sink down wonderfully with a taste of the Bourbon Barrels that brewer Nick Bush and the rest of the Drifter team used for aging. 

Doppelbock literally means “double bock” and is the strongest of the Bock family. Interestingly this type of brew is associated with Paulaner monks of Munich, who traditionally consumed doppelbocks when they fasted during Lent in the mid- to late-17th century. This is why the doppelbock is also known as Fastenbier (“Lenten beer”). Copious amounts of Doppelbock were enough to fill up the monks in the absence of solid food, hence the name “liquid bread.” [Source:]

Much like the other Drifter beers we have featured here, the Drifter Off The Dock Doppelbock is extremely limited. For R60 you can get it from their brewery in Woodstock. Alternatively it is being stoked at the following locations while it lasts. 

Cape Town

  •  Barkeeper
  • The Biggest Little Beer Shop
  • Kommetjie Liquors
  • Liquor City Claremont
  • Roeland Liquors
  • Rust
  • Shorties Blue Bottle Noordhoek
  • Sunset Beach Wines
  • Tops Observatory
  • V & A Waterfront Bottle Store
  • Village Vineyard Tops
  • Woodstock Liquors


  • Berry & Bottles Liquor Store
  • Liquor City Groenkloof
  • Pick n Pay Boskruin
  • Radiokop Spar & Tops


  • Ballito Lifestyle Tops

Get it while you can and please do let us, and them, know what you think of this weeks Friday Beer, the limited Drifter Off The Dock Doppelbock. 

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