Friday Beer – Riot Brewing Vintage Series

We’re very happy to have a second beer from The Riot Brewing Co featuring this week. We featured the Riot Brewing Valve IPA last year, a favourite of ours, and maintain, it’s a great beer. This time round we have a very different beer in store, or rather a series of beers. This weeks Friday Beer is the Riot Brewing Vintage Series.

We came home a couple of weeks ago to find a drop off from the guys at Riot. Something we were tremendously grateful for. Even more so when we realized that on top of a couple of packs of their staples they threw in not just the most recent Vintage #006 but also #005 and #004 while they were at it. They are a good bunch making some great beer. 

Riot Brewing Vintage Series

Aged in 5 year brandy barrels these beers are full of flavour. #004 spent 3 months in a Barleywine Bourbon barrel, #005 hung out for 3 months in an Imperial Stout Bourbon Barrel, and the most recent #006 spent a staggering 14 months in a Dark Rye Sour Ale Brandy Barrel. You really do get to appreciate the effort and care that has gone into producing these beers. 

And sure, you could slug one of these back yourself but we find that sharing the experience with a friend or two is the winner. Pick up a couple of tasting glasses and share the barrel aged love. And, much the same as other winter warmers, with an ABV ranging from 7.4% for #006 and 9.1% for the #005 it’s unlikely that you are going to be having very many of them. 

We have thoroughly enjoy this series, all the way back to #001, and given they aren’t produced frequently, or in great quantities, you would miss out if you didn’t give them a go when they do come out. Make sure you put it on your beer budget, you won’t regret it. 

Please let us know in the comments below or on social if you manage to pick yourself up a Riot Brewing Vintage Series #006. We would be lying if we said we thought you could still find yourself the past series in the outlets. Your best bet would be to get groveling and hope the brewery has a secret stash they would be willing to part with. 

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