Friday Beer – Amundsen Brewery Ink & Dagger IPA

There are an increasing number of beer judging competitions that now place in SA – most recently the South African National Beer Trophy (SANBT). The SANBT is now the largest beer tasting competition in Africa with over 212 entries and more than 20 judges. So, to come out tops is quite the achievement. Enter the Amundsen Brewery Ink & Dagger IPA which claimed both Beer of the Year and Best Hoppy Beer.

We would have liked to feature the Amundsen Brewery Ink & Dagger IPA last week but we wanted to get our ducks in a row and possibly have a give away. So, we did and we do, details at the end. 

Amundsen Brewery Ink & Dagger IPA

Amundsen is an Oslo based brewery that is contract brewed locally by JC Steyn at Devil’s Peak Brewing Co. They crank out some pretty spectacular brews and the Ink&Dagger has been a bit of a head turner since day 1. To start, just look at that can, it is a staggeringly beautiful piece of work. It’s not limited to the Ink & Dagger either, the Run to the Pils Pilsner (also available in SA) is also quite the looker. If the label doesn’t get you the description certainly will.

Can you taste that hop oil slithering down the back of your throat? Can you smell that intense Lupulin blast from the bottom of your glass? We turned the volume up to 10 and broke the speaker, our loudest beer buried in a mound of hoppy goodness. Think wet tropical grass, pineapple and mango freshness all crammed into this self-proclaimed hop bomb.

Having just claimed the titles of Beer of the Year and Best Hoppy Beer we managed to get our hands on a 6-pack to give away. We won’t ask who you would share this beer with because quite frankly, we wouldn’t. With that said and this beer being a “self-proclaimed hop bomb” simply leave a comment below letting us know why you love hoppy beers.

We will select a winner on Monday but if you can’t wait that long (we wouldn’t), head to your local liquor store. The news is even better with the fact that the Amundsen Brewery Ink & Dagger IPA has had a recent price reduction. You’ve really got no excuse to not try it this weekend. Let us, and them, know your thoughts.

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12 replies on “ Friday Beer – Amundsen Brewery Ink & Dagger IPA ”
  1. I love hoppy beers because they show off the diversity of taste and aroma that different varieties of hops can provide, and I love a nice bit of bitterness.

  2. I am obsessed with Hoppy beers. Nothing like getting hit in the face with an amazing hop aroma and the Ink & Dagger does it perfectly. I need to drink one of these bad boys at least once a week!

  3. How can you not love the flavour punch that comes from Citra, Mosaic, Magnum, Cascade or a mad combination of them all as you take a sip of that beer. Just the right amount of bitterness combined with flavour, beer as it should be!

  4. For me it is the fruitiness (without massive sweetness) of hoppy beers that stand out and why I like to drink them.

  5. Hoppy beers are by far the best beer type around – the Bordeaux blend of the beer industry – and I love the complexity and the taste.

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