Friday Beer – Lagunitas Brewing Co IPA

Back in April we were invited to an event at Jack Black’s Brewing Co. We really had no idea what the event was about but had suspicions Heineken, who had recently purchased a stake in Jack Black’s, was somehow involved. And we were right. Heineken spent the evening introducing us to the Lagunitas Brewing Co. Several months later and it is available for purchase. With that welcome to this weeks Friday Beer, the Lagunitas Brewing Co IPA.

Lagunitas Brewing Co IPA

Founded in 1993 in Lagunitas, California by Tony Magee the brewery  has been one the fastest growing craft breweries in the States. In 2017 Heineken purchased the brewery in full, leaving Tony in the position of CEO. What this meant was global distribution opportunities leading to Lagunitas hitting South African shelves. 

Given that it is an imported brew you might expect to see prices in line with that. You would be wrong, we’ve been sent costs and you’re looking at R149.99 a 6-pack for the Lagunitas Brewing Co IPA  which is exceptionally good value for what you are getting. If you can find it on tap you’re looking at R55 per pint, again, the same as a CBC Amber Weiss that is brewed locally. 

With that we will leave you with Tony’s story of how it all started. They don’t yet have any social media accounts but we would love to know your thoughts. Make sure you give it a go this weekend. 

Outlets (currently only Western Cape):

  • Roeland Liquors 
  • Liquor City Claremont
  • Liquor City Milnerton 
  • Liquor City Somerset West 
  • The Bar Keeper
  • The Biggest Little Beer Shop


7 replies on “ Friday Beer – Lagunitas Brewing Co IPA ”
  1. I’ve been to Liquor City Somerset West a couple times and they are still not yet stocking lagunitas (16/10/18). The manager does know that they will be getting stock but is unsure when stock will arrive. Once I find it there I will give an update.

    1. Hi James, so we’ve chatted to Heineken and stocks are low. We spotted it last week in Liquor City Claremont but it is very hard to know if it is still there. Apparently more has been ordered from the brewery however shipping takes 3 months so will be widely available only in January.

  2. good day
    i work @ a liq store i have stock but i am in dire need of a vendor or article that works can anyone assist me please

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