Friday Beer: Little Wolf Table Beer

Our favorite type of brewery is one that is constantly working to put out new and interesting beers. This year we have featured three new beers from The Drifter Brewing Company alone. And it’s an important thing for breweries to do, it keeps them interesting and forces them to try new things. This weeks brewery knows that better than most. So, to the Friday Beer, the spanking new Little Wolf Table Beer.  

Little Wolf Table Beer

Having featured back in June with the Lemon Geranium Saison this beer is particularly exciting as it is going to be joining the core range of Little Wolf. Even more exciting when early feedback suggests “it is going to give Hoppy Wheat a run for its money”. That’s a pretty big call but one brewer Stefan is obviously willing to hang his hat on. (On that, we are pretty appalled at ourselves for not featuring the Hoppy Wheat before, it’s a great beer!) 

We have found the brewers do a better job of describing their beers and this is what Stef had to say of his new creation.

We’ve been working on this for a little while now and I am super stoked with the results. It’s light, easy drinking but has loads of flavour. It has a great hop profile that keeps you coming back for more, and the malt profile is full and satisfying, even though it’s only 3.5%. Yes, you heard it, 3.5% ABV! 

So, what is Table Beer? Table Beer is inspired but the “table beers” of Europe, especially Belgium. Light in alcohol, crisp but still with loads of character. They are designed to be easy drinking but also to pair wonderfully with food. Imagine sitting around a large table with all of your friends and family. Loads of generous, homely food on the table, and plenty of Table Beer to drink. You can drink it all evening without getting out of control. It has enough flavour to keep you coming back for more but easy enough to just keep on drinking. This is Table Beer.

Even though it’s inspired by Belgian table beers, it’s not Belgian at all. It’s an interpretation of the style. Think of it as a sessionable American Pale Ale. American and German hops and American yeast.

The hops give it a great fruity character. Citrus and melon and a slight herbal finish. The malt profile is nice and bready. It has lots of oats in it, which make it nice and full and silky smooth even though it’s low in alcohol.

At 3.5% ABV this really is an ideal sessionable beer to spend the afternoons with. And, at a recommended retail price of R105 a 6-pack you certainly can. We think a great addition to the Little Wolf range and we can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

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