Friday Beer – Atlantic Storm Black Tempest

We’re back at it! After putting in couple of calls we managed to get our hands on a couple of bottles of the award winning Atlantic Storm Black Tempest. Having just had fresh new SANBT stickers slapped on we are very happy to announce this Gold Winner is this weeks Friday Beer.

Atlantic Storm Black Tempest
The biltong did eventually defrost.

The men behind it, Barry O’Donoghue and Cameron Doubell. You might recognize Cam, he features a lot on Barley&Hops and he’s been in just about every video we have ever done. He’s generally found not far from Banana Jam. They are both fantastic chaps to share a couple of beers with.

We dropped Cam a mail to find out a bit more about this beer and the brewery itself. This was what he had to say.

How did Atlantic Storm Start? I was a poor student who started home brewing with friends, we won a couple of home brewing awards at Southyeasters Summer Fest and that was what pretty much got us started

How long have you been brewing the Black Tempest? We have been brewing the Black Tempest for around 3 years now

How has it changed since you first brewed it? We now add more lactose and have upped the body of the beer.

Explain? So lactose is added to a stout to make it a milk stout, it adds sweetness to the beer as its an un-fermentable sugar. It also adds body to the beer, petty much changes the mouth feel of the beer and makes it feel thicker. 

What coffee did you use in the brew? We use Tribe Coffee in the tempest, I did a lot of research with the owner of Tribe on when would be best to add the coffee and lactose for the best flavour.

What other beers do you brew? We also brew the Cape Doctor Pale Ale which is part of our core range and then 3 others that are seasonal. Buccaneer Spiced Rum inspired Pale Ale, Red Coat English IPA and English Rose Rose Water IPA.

Where is it available? Black Tempest is available at most Liquor Cities, Blue Bottle bottle stores, Banana Jam Cafe, Beerhouse and Hotel Verde.

Now you know. So get out this weekend and pick up a couple of these delicious beers. Let us, and them, know what you think. 

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