Friday Beer – Saggy Stone Brewer’s Small Batch Weizenbock

We would be lying if we said this hasn’t been one of our favourite beers recently. We enjoyed it so much we polished off the two that were sent to us and picked up two more the following day. This is this weeks Friday Beer and it is Saggy Stone Brewer’s Small Batch Weizenbock. And, spoiler, it’s good. 

Saggy Stone Brewer's Small Batch Weizenbock

There was a lot of pressure on this beer given the popularity of the first edition of Saggy Stone Brewer’s Small Batch Series. We featured the first edition #001 back in July, and it was a tremendous beer. One we’re pretty sure you won’t be able to find anymore. We certainly haven’t spotted it, and we can’t say we’re surprised. And we’re pretty sure the Weizenbock will go in the same direction. 

We were fortunate enough to have brewer Matt Bradley hand deliver a couple to us. They came with two glasses, think the expectation was that we were going to share… sorry. Didn’t happen. Matt did let us know that it is widely available while it lasts and if you fancy a pint you could, if you’re in Cape Town, head to Villagers Rugby Club where Saggy Stone has their Weizenbock on tap. 

Now, because we’re also not entirely sure. What is a Weizenbock? 

The German-style Weizenbock is a wheat version of a German-Style Bock, or a bigger and beefier Dunkelweizen. Malt mellanoidins and Weizen Ale yeast are the star ingredients. If served with yeast, the appearance may appropriately be very cloudy. With flavors of bready malt and dark fruits like plum, raisin, and grape, this style is low on bitterness and high on carbonation. Balanced clove-like phenols and fruity, banana-like esters produce a well-rounded aroma.

For us it was a really good beer, that not only delivered what it was meant to, but absolutely didn’t disappoint on the benchmark set by the first edition. Even if you are not a huge fan of wheat beers (Weiss, Wit, etc) you should absolutely try this beer. 

Let us, and them, know what you think. 

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