Friday Beer – Woodstock Brewery Acid Queen

It has been a good few months since we featured anything from the Woodstock Brewing Co. Something we almost feel bad about because of the seasonal release of this, the Woodstock Brewery Acid Queen. Released for, we think, the 3rd time a few weeks ago it’s a beer that could knock you and your taste buds for six.  It is this weeks Friday Beer.

Woodstock Brewery Acid Queen

For us the first Woodstock Brewery Acid Queen brew was our first experience with a “Sour Beer”, and we loved it. If you’re a traditional lager drinker throw everything you know about beer out the window because this beer is just so different. We thought it was tremendous but could understand how it may not be for everyone. 

At the moment the Woodstock Brewing Co are certainly only one of a handful of breweries producing sour beers. We hope this changes with time but it does take you, the beer drinker, giving it a crack. From their website: 

Acid Queen, our “Spring” in the seasonal range, is a kettle-soured beer, brewed and conditioned with fresh granadilla, with a light-bodied blast of tart fruitiness. Acid Queen is light and hazy in colour and has a fresh fruity aroma with a mouth puckeringly tart, crisp finish.

The beer is available from all outlets that stock Acid Queen. Our recommendation. Buy one and get your beer pals over to try it together. If you’ve never tried a sour beer it’s a really good one to try. 

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