Friday Beer – Mitchell’s Knysna Forester’s Lager

With temperatures across South Africa on the rise we thought it may be a good idea to feature a Lager this week. And it’s not just any Lager, it’s the gold winning Mitchell’s Knysna Forester’s Lager. Yes, this is another SANBT award winner and we think you’re really going to enjoy it. 

Mitchell's Knysna Forester's Lager

Having opened in 1983 Mitchell’s Brewery, based in Knysna, is South Africa’s oldest craft brewery. They were around long before the “craft beer revolution” started in about 2007 with the likes of Jack Black and AND UNION. They have survived since then and with new brewers and new branding they have somewhat matured. You may remember the old labels and plastic bottle packaging, and even seen their taps in a few limited outlets across the Western Cape. 

We think the new look is fantastic. Visit their website to see the entire rebranded range. It’s not just the new look thats good, the beer itself has also improved. With the help of international Brew Master Jörg Finkeldey who also consults to Urban Brewing Co and Berg River Brewery the beers are, well, award winning. And we’re pretty sure that over time we will feature some of their other brews. 

Has been a few years since we managed to visit the brewery in Knysna but we are told that it has also gone through some changes. If you do find yourself in that area it goes without saying that you should pay them a visit. The beer is also brewed under contract by Devil’s Peak in Cape Town so there really should be no shortage of it in the stores. So, please do give the Mitchell’s Knysna Forester’s Lager a go this weekend. Very reasonably priced so pick up a 6-pack and enjoy it around the braai. 

As always let us, and them, know your thoughts on the rebranding and the beers themselves. 

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