Friday Beer – St. Francis Brewing Co Kromme River Witbier

With the South African National Beer Trophy having taken place we’re still working through a long list of award winning beers. This week, we’ve got the beer that took the crown of “Best Wheat Beer”; the St. Francis Brewing Co Kromme River Witbier.

St. Francis Brewing Co Kromme River Witbier

St. Francis Brewing Co itself was started by Lance and Linky Kabot after a surfing accident in 2012. Having spent time in the States in the late nineties they were inspired by brew pubs in the surf and ski towns, and St. Francis seemed like the right place to set up shop. We’ve never made it to St. Francis Bay but the brewery website does a really good job of enticing you. 

St Francis Bay is a special place that brings together world class surfing, golfing, fishing and boating, as well as amazing party venues over the festive season. The village has a laidback, friendly atmosphere in a beautiful setting between the Kouga mountains, the sea and the Kromme river. It is meeting place for family and friends from all over South Africa and abroad, getting together to make good memories.

At the St Francis Brewing Co we combine good beer, good food and good vibes for locals, holiday makers and visitors.

Outside of St. Francis the beers are brewed under license at Devil’s Peak in Epping. Under the watchful eye of Head Brewer JC Steyn, it is fantastic that it isn’t in short supply and you can easily pick up a 6-pack at any good liquor store. 

If you’re a fan of wheat beers like the CBC Amber Weiss or Darling Bone Crusher Wit, you will definitely like this one. So give it a crack and let us, and them know what you think of the “Best Wheat Beer” in South Africa. 

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