Friday Beer – Metal Lane x Saggy Stone Champagne Citra Nova

Another week gone which means it’s time for the Friday Beer. This week we have something special from two of our favourite brewers. Murray Middleton and Matthew Bradley have clubbed together to brew the Metal Lane x Saggy Stone Champagne Citra Nova Brut IPA. And the beer is as good as the label might suggest. 

Metal Lane x Saggy Stone Champagne Citra Nova

Matts beers have featured twice here and not that long ago; remember the Weizenbock and the Stout? His Small Batch Brewer’s Series have been very well received with beer fans asking what will be coming next? And Murray’s Pale Ale featured a while ago and has become a staple for a lot of people. He has since started playing with sour worms in his beer. We’re waiting to hear about the results. With both of these brewers together they were bound to create something good, and they did not disappoint. 

When we picked up the beers from Murray he gave it the highest praise  a brewer could possibly give:

It needs to get into stores soon otherwise there will be none left. I will have drunk it all. 

Murray Middleton, Metal Lane 

With that we dropped him a mail to find out a bit more about it. 

How did the Metal Lane and Saggy Stone collaboration conversation start? Like most interesting conversations about beer… Over a beer.

And the beer? How did you decide to do a Brut IPA? The trend is all over social media in the States, so we thought of what it is, and how well it will go with the hot summer weather. It’s a crushable beer, light bodied, powerful citrus aromas, spritzy, with a clean “I want some more” dry finish.

How much of this great beer did you brew? We did a single, 1,200L batch at Saggy Stone

Where is it available? And is it available on tap at all? Slowly making it’s way into bottle stores. Biggest Little Beer Shop, Roeland, etc. It will be on tap on the Saturday at Cape Town Festival of Beers.

Can we expect another Metal Lane and Saggy Stone collaboration? Working together was epic. I definitely see the future bringing more collabs between us together.

With that and the very limited supply we suggest you visit a stockist this weekend and pick up a few cans of this great beer. It’s been a while since we featured a collaboration and we can’t say we are even close to being disappointed. A fantastic beer that we think is the title of this weeks Friday Beer. 

Let us, and them, know your thoughts on this beer when you’ve managed to try it. Their social media channels below. 

Metal Lane Brewing Co: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 

Saggy Stone Brewing Co: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 


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