Friday Beer – Darling Bourbon Barrel Aged Arrow Head RIS

This weeks beer is deserving of being the final beer featured before Christmas. Not only is it a superb beer, beautifully packaged but it is also a great gift for any beer loving friend or relative you may have. It is the Darling Bourbon Barrel Aged Arrow Head RIS (Russian Imperial Stout). 

Darling Bourbon Barrel Aged Arrow Head RIS
Best shared with friends and family. Or not. 

A spin off of the new seasonal Arrow Head unfiltered RIS which won Silver at the SANBT. Head Brewer Rene du Toit then stashed away 240 liters in bourbon barrels for over 3 months. The process adding depth to the flavour and aroma. The result;

A velvety smooth beer with the vanilla flavour of the original Arrow Head reduced and replaced with a smoky, woody bourbon flavour.  The beer will continue to age, becoming even smoother in the bottle, but our brew master feels the bourbon barrel aged Arrow Head is at its peak and ready to be enjoyed over the festive season.

Darling Brewery

Having been awarded Best Dark Beer at the Cape Town Festival of Beer it leaves little doubt this is a great beer.

It is not a cheap beer and retails for roughly R149 per 500ml bottle but again, it’s a Festive Beer. You’re not going to be drinking six of them. You’re going to be having/sharing one and enjoying every last drop. Let us, and them, know your thoughts on this brand new award winning brew. 

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    1. Howzit Shaun, if it hasn’t been sold out for Christmas you can probably find it at Liquor City Claremont. Otherwise directly from the brewery. Let us know if you need some help getting your hands on one.

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