Friday Beer – Darling Brew Pixie Dust

In their second appearance on the Barley&Hops Beer Blog is the Darling Brew Pixie Dust. Having just been released the seasonal Pixie Dust Golden Weiss performed well over the past weekend at the Cape Town Festival of Beer. Coming in 3rd the Pixie Dust had some pretty stiff competition so we’re glad to have it feature this week. 

Darling Brew Pixie Dust

Much like the Darling Sataos Ivory IPA that we featured back in June, the Pixie Dust is another tribute brew. While the Sataos Ivory was named after the largest Tusker in Kenya “Satao”, the Pixie Dust is inspired by the Cape Honey Bee – threatened by habitat destruction and insecticide use. These little creatures provide vital pollination services without which we would have no fruit or vegetables.

A seductive smooth weiss with a blend of banana, citrus, clove and floral undertones.

A classic weissbier golden in colour with a citrusy hop and mild bitterness. Yeasty smooth mouthfeel and a cloudy, tight foam. The perfect thirst-quencher for the warm Summer months.

We thoroughly enjoyed this new brew from Darling. Make sure it’s on your shopping list this weekend, a good brew to keep in the fridge for when the office closes. Available from all good liquor stores. 

Let us, and them, know what you think. 

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