Friday Beer – Little Wolf x Stellies Brewing Sorghum Gose

We’re very excited about this weeks Friday Beer. Not just because it comes from two brewers who have both featured before but because it is just the second Gose we know of that has been brewed commercially in South Africa. It is the Little Wolf x Stellies Brewing Sorghum Gose. The only other one was the Drifter Brewing Co Water Restriction Gose which featured back in March, and we really enjoyed it. We expect you to enjoy this one just as much. 

Little Wolf x Stellies Brewing Sorghum Gose

Brewed by Stefan Wiswedel (Little Wolf) and Bruce Collins (Stellies Brewing Co) we asked Bruce a bit about the beer. This was what he had to say. 

What was it like brewing with Stef? Stef is such a cool guy, pretty much epitomises the term Beer Nerd / Geek. His knowledge of beer styles and botanicals made it really fun to brew with him and educational at the same time.

Highlight of brewing with Stef? We played around with so many new ingredients (sorghum, sea salt, renosterbos, lactobacillus) it was fun every step of the way, we really grew as brewers by brewing the new and unique style with these ingredients. A first for South Africa and arguably the first ever globally!? Our own little African Goseling!

One highlight was when we were tasting and testing how much of the fynbos salts to add we were in the Stellies Taproom behind the bar with a tiny packet of white substance working with a tiny microscale to measure out enough salt to add 0.05g into a tasting glass of the Gose….we had a few interesting glances from customers wondering what narcotics experiment/deal was going down 😊

How did you decide on brewing this? We totally respect each other’s passion for brewing and thirst for the next best beer…and so it was a just a matter of time before our nerd like tendencies collided. We wanted to brew something that would challenge ourselves, a completely new style, unique ingredients and unique brewing process (kettle soured).

Where was it brewed? At DP Epping, first test brewed in 25L Grainfather system and then on the original copper DP system, ex Paulaner brewhouse.

Beer is best enjoyed on a hot summer South African day, on a hike up a mountain or just chilling next to the pool! It’s light and super refreshing and will rock your world and possibly even change your perception of how diverse and broad beer styles can be!

How much did you brew? 1500L (although we only got about 1300L out)

Anything you would like to add? Stef’s wife should get a shout out for her beautiful artwork and also Adam for the label design. Cape Town Fynbos Experience for their donation of fynbos infused salts too!

With that, please get yourself some of the Little Wolf x Stellies Brewing Sorghum Gose this weekend. Again, let us, and them, know your thoughts on this very unique beer. 

Little Wolf: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 

Stellies Brewing Co: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 


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