Friday Beer – Striped Horse Pale Ale

Shoh! Our little Christmas giveaway went significantly better than we could have ever expected. With almost 300 entries it makes us feel like we need to do it more frequently. Until then we will crack on with the Friday Beer. This week we wanted something really sessionable that you can get stuck into post Christmas. The Striped Horse Pale Ale seemed just the ticket. 

Striped Horse Pale Ale

Striped Horse is brewed out at the Cape Brewing Company in Paarl. It’s hardy surprising then that it won a Gold Medal at the SANBT back in August. It’s brewed by Masterbrewer Wolfgang Koedel who has a mutlitude of brewing awards under his very German belt. He takes great pride in all  of the beers he looks over regardless of whether they are Cape Brewing Co branded or not. 

Striped Horse Pale Ale is an easy drinking golden ale with a fruity malt backbone and delicious hoppy finish – for a deep, eclectic, distinctive beer experience.

This is a great beer to enjoy in multiples. We certainly find that one Striped Horse Pale Ale always tastes like a second, which we believe is the whole point. Throw them in the cooler for the end of year bash or when you’re just hanging out by the pool. Or by the braai. Or while watching the family fall apart over a treacherous game of Monopoly. And for those friends who never touch anything but Lager you may just find that a Striped Horse Pale ale will receive very few complaints. 

Please do let us, and them, know what you think of this great beer. 

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And from us to you, have a fantastic New Year and above all please be responsible. Make sure you Uber/Taxify where you need to. 


P.S. We hope you had a fantastic Christmas. 

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