The Barley&Hops Christmas 6-Pack.

We’ve been literally inundated with two messages asking what beers we would recommend for Christmas Gifts. So we thought we would put it down for anyone else that might be looking. This is the Barley&Hops Christmas 6-Pack that we would be excited to find under the Christmas tree. If there are other beers you think should be included please let us know in the comments below.

We’ve featured a lot of beers over the year, unfortunately not all of them are still available. So these are the ones that are currently available in stores. Click the link to be taken to the full write up. In no particular order: 

  1. Afro-Caribbean Brewing Co Hop Session – Available almost exclusively from the Afro-Caribbean brewery the Hop Session is an all afternoon type of beer. A great beer to sink into while enjoying a game of rugby or Christmas Day leftovers. 
Afro Caribbean Brewing Company Hop Session Pale Ale.

2. Lagunitas IPA – A new import from the States the Lagunitas IPA has been very popular since it arrived. Aiding in its popularity is its affordability as an import. Can’t say we would complain if we found a couple of these in our Christmas stocking. 

Lagunitas Brewing Co IPA

3. Saggy Stone Weizenbock – The second in the Saggy Stone Brewer’s Small Batch series we loved. Coming in a hefty 500ml can it’s a really good beer to spend some time with. 

Saggy Stone Brewer's Small Batch Weizenbock

4. Metal Lane x Saggy Stone Citra Nova – The second IPA on this list has been a stand out for us this year. The Champagne Citra Nova is packed full of juice. We’re just sad we don’t have any left in our fridge. 

Metal Lane x Saggy Stone Champagne Citra Nova

5. Fraser’s Folly Wild Raspberry Sour – We managed to finally try Fraser’s Wild Raspberry Sour at the Cape Town Festival of Beer and instantly knew it needed to be on the list. Puckering sour and a great beer to try if you have never had a sour. 

Fraser's Folly Wild Raspberry Sour

6. Drifter Off The Dock Doppelbock – We needed to make sure we included a dark beer on the list and the Drifter Doppelbock seemed like the sensible thing to do. This one might be more difficult to find but absolutely worth the search. 

Drifter Off The Dock Doppelbock

We’re not saying that we haven’t enjoyed a whole lot of other beer this year unfortunately a lot of the others were once off. The Little Wolf Geranium Saison and Devil’s Peak x Ukhamba Black Honey pop to mind immediately. Let us know in the comments of any other beers you think should make their way to Christmas stockings this year. 

For some other brewery merch and stocking fillers head over to the Barley&Hops Store. All orders over R500 get free delivery. 


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