Friday Beer – Fierce Moose Mousse Chocolate Stout

We’re taking a pretty slow approach to the Friday Beers for the start of 2019. Everyone is by now back at work and trying to get into the swing of things – it’s hard, we know. Not even the breweries are putting anything new out this month. So we dug through the Barley&Hops Beer Fridge to see what was floating around and found this; the Fierce Moose Mousse Chocolate Stout.

Fierce Moose Mousse Chocolate Stout

We may well not be completely organized for kicking off the Friday Beers this year but it is apt that we have the Fierce Moose Mousse Chocolate Stout at hand. We’ve heard rumblings that Devil’s Peak who produces the Fierce beer locally may stop production. This means that whatever may have survived the Festive Season will be all that’s left. And that’s a pity because they are very pleasant beers. 

Velvet and smooth, yet light and easy drinking – this chocolate milk stout is chock full of cacao notes. Luxurious yet sessionable. 

If you didn’t know the Fierce Brewery is based in Aberdeen in Northeast Scotland. The only reason we mention this is to emphasize how lucky we are, or have been to get these beers over in South Africa at a reasonable price. They may be brewed at Devil’s Peak but the recipe comes from Scotland. They did trial a few other beers in SA but they obviously could not justify the volumes. A shame really. 

So, with that please let us, and them, know what you think  of the Fierce Moose Mousse Chocolate Stout (if you can find it).

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