Friday Beer – Hoghouse Brewing Co. Worthog IPA

No longer available for purchase from bottle stores this weeks Friday Beer is available almost exclusively from the brewery. This in itself is not necessarily a bad thing as said brewery is The Hoghouse in Ndabeni, Cape Town. It’s been a favourite dinner location of ours for a while so we’re glad to finally get them onto the Barley&Hops blog. So, without further ado, the Hoghouse Brewing Co. Worthog IPA.

Hoghouse Brewing Co. Worthog IPA

We dropped into the Hoghouse on Wednesday to pick up a couple of beers from Brewer Byron Damonze. He was more than a little excited to show us some of the stash which himself and Little Wolf Brewer Stefan Wiswedel had managed to pillage on their recent trip to Germany. A couple of fresh packs of Citra Hops are like cat nip to these brewers and we can understand why. If the beers come out tasting half as good as that packet of hops smelt it will be very manageable.

Byron has been brewing at Hoghouse for about as long as we have known them. Brewing a good range of beers he’s recently been playing around with recipes and even dabbling in sour beers (watch this space). Two things we think it is important for breweries to do – update and innovate. Last year he spent some time studying for the BJCP so the man knows his way around a brewery and he knows what he wants out of his beer.

The Hoghouse Brewing Co. Worthog IPA is one of seven beers produced by the brewery. Their full line up:

  • Worthog India Pale Ale
  • Pumba Pilsner
  • Haybale Saison
  • Wisehog Weiss
  • Hogtale African Pale Ale
  • Hogwash Amber Ale
  • Roadhog Porter

We think it’s a pretty good mix of beers but would love to hear your thoughts. In the mean time, get your booking in for an evening at The Hoghouse or drop them a mail to find out where you can perhaps pick up the Hoghouse Brewing Co. Worthog IPA. We suspect you might be able to find it at Palmyra Liquor City but we give no guarantees.

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