Friday Beer – Richmond Hill x Afro Caribbean DDH Black IPA

A year ago had you asked us about the Richmond Hill Brewing Co we would have had very little to enlighten you with. Since then however there has been a spate of really good beers from them. The Enter NEIPA collab with Feral Brewing that we featured back in October was one of our favourite beers last year (when will be seeing some more of that by the way?). And let’s not forget about the Pineapple-Infused Session IPA collab with Drifter, also excellent! This week we have the most recent collab, it is the Richmond Hill x Afro Caribbean DDH Black IPA.

Richmond Hill x Afro Caribbean DDH Black IPA

Brewed by Richmond Hill Brewer Niall Cook and Afro Caribbean Brewer Rochelle Dunlop and “brewer” Greg Casey (we’re pretty sure Greg just likes to be in the photos). The Afro Caribbean Brewing squad are also no strangers to putting out some great beer; their Hop Session was one of the beers included in the Barley&Hops Christmas 6-Pack 

We thought we would find out more from Niall about the beer as well as what it was like brewing with Afro Caribbean. Here’s what he had to say.

How was it Brewing with Greg? Or did Rochelle do all the work? Greg is whirlwind of excitement and that did not change one bit when it came to the brew! Well Rochelle did all the actual brewing but that just left time to bang out the beer name and label design

How did you decide on doing this beer? I have been doing a fair bit of NEIPA’s lately and Greg loves his West Coast IPA’s. I think we just needed a break from those styles a bit but we are perhaps a bit too attached to hops and couldn’t part ways on that front. Hence the Black IPA, dark, hoppy and delicious and something a bit different. 

And the name? Brewed in the midst of power outages in Kenilworth. We rolled the dice anyway and thankfully we got lucky! However, it made a great premise for a name and with the beer style it just made sense.

Where is it available? Banana Jam Cafe, RHBC Taproom, Beershack, Beeryard 

Can we expect to see RHBC doing some other collars with Cape Town Breweries? Definitely! Working on a beer for Fools and Fans with Paul from The Kennel Brewery. Without giving away too much at this stage its going to be hazy, juicy and eye catching. Also there been whispers of bringing the Tropic of Collab back with Nick from Drifter and then finally working on something big and uncompromising with Marc from Riot. 

And, for the very first time on Barley&Hops Friday Beer you can buy the beer from right here! We have a VERY limited batch available of just ten 4-packs for R119.99 each. To order click the product below to be taken to the shop to complete your order. You really have no excuse now to try this weeks beer and to let us, and them, know your thoughts. 

Afro Caribbean Brewing Co: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Richmond Hill Brewing Co: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 


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