Friday Beer – Ukhamba Section 25 Lager

A couple of months after moving in with Devil’s Peak brewer Lethu Tshabangu has released a new beer. The Ukhamba Section 25 Lager was dropped off at Barley&Hops HQ a couple of weeks back along with a much appreciated piece of brewery swag (thanks!). We’ve had it chilling since then just in time to kick off 2019. 

Ukhamba Section 25 Lager

Unlike the monster 11.5% Devil’s Peak x Ukhamba Black Honey Vol. 1 Collab we featured back in August the Ukhamba Section 25 Lager comes in at 5%. As far as Lagers go it is very good. Given Lethu is working out of Devil’s Peak now it is hardy surprising. He’s got the help of JC Steyn who seems to feature here almost every other week. The man knows his barley and hops…

As far as we know and we’re pretty sure of this, the Ukhamba Lager is an addition to the Ukhamba staples so it won’t be particularly difficult to find at all. Saying that we visited our local bottlestore recently and couldn’t believe how empty the fridges were post Festive celebrations. We hope they have since been restocked so be sure to pick up a 6-pack to enjoy this weekend.

As always let us, and them know what you think. 

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