Friday Beer – Drifter x Migration Anything Gose Oyster Beer

We’re going to start this weeks post off with a confession. We haven’t actually tried this weeks beer but we think that’s okay. It could be terrible but if history is anything to go by it probably won’t be. It’s another collaboration from the Drifter Brewing Co, it’s the Drifter x Migration Anything Gose Oyster Beer, and at the time of writing it had not even been tapped.

Drifter x Migration Anything Gose Oyster Beer 00

We’re okay with stepping away from the norm this week as this Saturday is a pretty special day. It is of course South Africa National Beer Day, a day to celebrate beer regardless of who is producing it. We’re all about beer here so it’s important for us that you know that it is taking place.

South African National Beer Day is a collection of small scale events, promotions, pairings, specials and mini festivals held across the country on the first Saturday in February.

Started by The Brewmistress Lucy Corne back in 2017 with more than 50 events the day has grown to now over 100. We’re very glad to see the events spread through the country so you will really struggle to not find an appropriate institution to get your fix. Our suggestion, have a look at the list of events happening in your area and plan out your Saturday afternoon. You can easily cover 3-4 events over the course of the day.

The Barley&Hops team will be at Drifter from about 2 to try out this weeks Friday Beer first hand (details of the event here). Brewed by Nick Bush from Drifter and Trevor Bass from the Portland based Migration Brewing Co “this latest one is Anything Gose…a slightly tart and salty beer brewed with oysters!” If nothing else colour us intrigued.

This week you would be forgiven for not getting to Drifter to try the Friday Beer. With all the events going on we would encourage you to get out and support your local breweries. Be sure to tag us in your tweets and on Instagram – @barleyandhopsza and include the hashtag #SANBeerDay.

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