Friday Beer – Saggy Stone Brewer’s Small Batch Pilsner

We’ve got another 30 degree thirst quencher this week. It’s been one of those beers we have been trying to feature for a while. Unlike its predecessors it made a very quiet entry back at the end of November. We only know this because we were grovelling for a pint of the Champagne Citra Nova at the Cape Town Festival of Beer at the time. It is the Saggy Stone Brewer’s Small Batch Pilsner.

Saggy Stone Brewer's Small Batch Pilsner Final

This is the fourth appearance Saggy Stone has made on Barley&Hops. And each time we say the same thing, they have quite an expectation to maintain with their new releases. In 2018 their Stout was delicious, and both the Weizenbock and the Metal Lane Champagne Citra Nova made it into the Barley&Hops Christmas 6-pack. We’re yet to find anyone with a complaint, and thats how we landed up with the Saggy Stone Brewer’s Small Batch Pilsner this week.

Not a complaint about the beer but a complaint that we had not yet featured it. A complaint obviously widely accepted as the 2-3 times we have tried to pick up stock they have been out. Clearly a very popular beer. So, we took to the same approach that was so effective at the Festival of Beer. Grovelling.

And it worked. Liam Mc Elhinney got back to us and made a plan. He’s a good bloke but no doubt a man under pressure. You see Matt Bradley who was the man who kicked off the Saggy Stone Brewer’s Small Batch Series now works at a brewery in Japan (Hi Matt 👋 ) leaving questions around who will continue brewing to the same standard. The answer, as far as we know, Liam. And Peter Robinson. And thank god for that, because this Pilsner is bloody great.

If you have already tried their other small batch brews then you shouldn’t need much more convincing. Now you just need to hope you can find it before someone else does. And, as always, let us and them know what you think.

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