Friday Beer – Toast Pale Ale

It’s that time of the year that we’re really battling to pull together Friday Beers. Very few breweries are putting out anything new so it’s not uncommon to find us pacing the local liquor store trying to make a plan. However, from time-to-time it hits us like a bar stool to the face. Beers that have been around for a while that we simply haven’t featured. This weeks is one of them, it’s the Toast Pale Ale.

Toast Pale Ale

We’re disgusted with ourselves that it has taken this long to get Toast featured. Not least of all because it’s a great beer (unsurprising as it’s also brewed at Devil’s Peak), but because the Head Dreamer who bought it to SA has got to be one of the most lovely individuals you could hope to meet on the beer scene.

Bianca Hansen bought Toast into South Africa at the end of 2017. We were in fact at that launch. We wrote about the launch and the specifics of the beer and it’s story so you can go ahead and read about that here. The crux of it is social good focusing on food waste. Fresh bread cuttings from Knead bakery that would otherwise make their way to landfills are handed over to Devil’s Peak. Devil’s Peak in turn uses these in the brewing of the Toast Pale Ale.

To boot, Bianca didn’t stop there. All profits made are then donated to Soil For Life, a non-profit organisation based in Cape Town. The organization helps people learn to grow healthy, organic food using simple, low-cost, environmentally-friendly methods. So you’re not only enjoying good beer (thanks JC Steyn), you’re also doing some good while you’re at it.

We’re glad to have finally put the Toast Pale Ale out there and we hope you will give it a go this weekend. Let us, and them, know what you think.

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