Friday Beer – ACBC x Dissident Brewing 1.21 Gigahops IPA

This weeks Friday Beer is a first on Barley&Hops. This is obviously not untrue of literally every other Friday Beer we have done in that they had not appeared on the blog before. This is different in that it is highly unlikely you will ever get to try this beer. It is the ACBC x Dissident Brewing 1.21 Gigahops IPA and at time of writing there were no more than 12 cans left.

ACBC x Dissident Brewing 1.21 Gigahops IPA

We’ve always steered away from beers that are not commercially available at least during the weekend of the posting of the Friday Beer. This time round we thought we would use this as an opportunity to promote just that. The small batch brews that are so tirelessly produced by those breweries willing to do them.

While sitting at Afro Caribbean Brewing Co on Tuesday evening we were chatting to Brewer Rochelle Dunlop. We talked about the sheer number of brews that the brewpub has been producing over the last couple of years. In the last few months alone they have probably done no less than 5 new separate small batch brews (Greg?). If you are someone who enjoys beer (and if you’re reading this we assume you are), it’s always great to have some variety.

And trying these may just encourage you to try other craft beers from your local liquor store. The last few months have seen three great beers pulled from production simply because no one was buying them. One was a Pilsner while the other two were two of the most fantastic IPA’s you could hope to sink into. A huge shame for those who did buy them.

This post is for the Brewpubs that continuously to not only produce great beers but a great variety of them. Head to your closest craft brewery, and support them this weekend. Because without them we might not be left with anything other than Lager. And we’re not saying Lager is bad, what we’re saying is variety is better.


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