Friday Beer – Devil’s Peak Conservation Lager

Although they get mentioned here in some way or form almost every other week this is the first Devil’s Peak beer to make the Friday Beer cut. It’s somewhat unbelievable actually. We’ve featured other brews that come out of the same brewery – Toast, Amundsen (RIP) and Mikkeller (get it while you can), to name a few. So with that all said we’re actually pretty excited to feature a pure blood Devil’s Peak beer for the first time. It’s the Devil’s Peak Conservation Lager and it’s more than a beer.

Devil's Peak Conservation Lager

The beer comes with brewer JC Steyn’s quality control stamp so we already know it’s a good beer. So we won’t dwell on that. What we should point out is that this beer is out to do some good. Having launched this week in collaboration with the Boucher Legacy Foundation, R1 of each bottle sold will go directly to conservation efforts.

The statistics of destruction of our natural heritage in Africa are horrifying. Every day we witness the decimation of magnificent wildlife.

Russell Boltman (Devil’s Peak Director)

The Foundation itself focuses on protecting endangered wildlife and supporting the ongoing war on poaching. At the launch event in Johannesburg Foundation Founder Mark Boucher outlined key stats on endangered mammals:

  • Each day in South Africa, 3 rhinos are brutally killed.
  • Every ten minutes, an elephant is taken out in Africa.
  • Over 1 million pangolins have been senselessly wiped out over the past 15 years.
  • The king of the wild, lions are in grave danger of extinction as only 20,000 remain.
  • Only 6,600 cheetah roam the plains of Africa
  • Less than 3,000 wild dogs are left in the wild

Obviously a good beer doing some great things for conservation so we’re very glad we can support it. On top of being available from most good liquor stores you will be able to pick up yours from:

It’s a great thing when you can crack a few beers and know you’ve made some sort of tangible contribution to conservation. So please do support it and let us, and them, know what you think of the new Devil’s Peak Conservation Lager.

Devil’s Peak: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

The Boucher Legacy: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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