Friday Beer – Leopold 7 Amber Ale

This weeks Friday Beer has been flying under the radar for the last year or so. It first made an appearance at the Cape Town Festival of Beer in 2014 and if we’re 100% honest we don’t remember being blown away. We were actually quite worried it would be disappear into the ether as so many craft beer brands have. We were wrong, and we’ve never been happier. This weeks Friday Beer, the Leopold 7 Amber Ale.

Leopold 7 Amber Ale

The Leopold 7 is brewed at the Brasserie de Marsinne Brewery in Belgium by Tanguy van der Eecken and Nicolas Declercq. They are two gentlemen who seem to have their hands full so it is very unlikely you will come across them in South Africa. Locally you will find at least one of the Founders, Alex Tilmans. And he’s a lovely individual if you’ve every been fortunate enough to meet him.

Alex on the right with his business partner Marquis Brown.

Being a major contributor to the art scene Leopold 7 was recently main sponsor of the International Public Art Festival. It’s really worth following the link to see some of the work and find out more about it. What we love is that the artist of the winning mural will be flown to Belgium to brew their own batch of craft beer and design their label. Best bit, all the costs associated with it are covered by Leopold 7.

L7 is a unique craft brewed beer inspired by South African and made with the passion of Belgian brewing tradition.

Leopold7 Company Profile

Leopold 7 produces this one beer and after a couple of years of tweaking they’ve got it right. We say this as not the biggest fans of Amber Ales. It takes a lot for us to get excited about this style of beer but the Leopold 7 Belgian-style Amber Ale really hit the spot for us. So give the Leopold 7 Amber Ale a go this weekend. Once you have let us, and them, know your thoughts.

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P.S. You can see more work from the #IPAF2019 here.

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